Project Management & Co-Ordination Services

  • Planning, Scheduling and Monitoring of Project.

  • Budgeting, Estimation.

  • BOQ Preparation.

  • Value Addition and Cost Saving, Cost Control.

  • Day to day construction site Supervision.

  • Project monitoring.

  • Quality assurance/Control.

  • Bills checking and verification.

  • Tender Preparation, Tender Scrutiny.

  • Review of Drawings.

  • Resource Planning.

  • Third Party Quality Assurance.

  • Third Party Bills Verification.


  • Residential and Institutional Building.

  • Storm Water Drainage.

  • Plumbing and Drainage Systems.


  • Public Issues

  • Term loan, Cash Credit facility, Letter of Credit, Bank Guarantee

  • Housing and Commercial loans from Banks, Mergers & Acquisitions

  • External Commercial Borrowing / Overseas Commercial Borrowing

  • Sale / Purchase, Leasing of Fixed Assets

  • Capital Gains & Taxation

  • Income Tax / Wealth Tax

  • Insurance

  • Liquidation / Solvency Certificate

  • Disinvestment

Chartered Engineer Certification

  • Certification works as Chartered Engineer for certifying stages of

  • construction of Projects, completion, project implementation, Pre-shipment inspection (PSI) certifying subsidy claims for small scale industries etc.

  • Safety Certificate For Prohibition department

  • Techno Economic viability study reports

  • Technical opinion for Insurance